#387 our story

Debbie, my office manager in Lake Charles, said that our offerings are holding steady so I want to thank you all for doing this in the middle of this virus as I know many of you are hurting.

I made another 6 weeks of radio shows

Oscar, our archetect, is staying busy

3/22/2004. Today our staff has Americans, Guatemalans, Canadians & Europeans. Gledia has worked here12 years and is dorm mother over the teenage girls. Amalia is the woman whose husband died from cancer & was thrown into the street with two little girls. She has been our cook for many years & her daughters Priscilla is in college & Damaris works in the baby dorm.

John and Robyn who are dorm parents are adopting two little boys. David & Regina want to adopt Salatiel. I went and bought school supplies then we worked on the plans for Carlos & Polly’s house.

3/23. Three of our closest friends had major trouble today. DeeDee who has been of our long time members of our church in Lake Charles had a stroke today. Stan in Alabama was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. And Jim Baker who has been a land held long time missionary in Mexico and has come to Casa to hold pastor’s conferences was driving in Guatemala City when he hit a motorcyclist who actually ran into Jim’s car. He was arrested because the motor cyclist had a head injury and would be in a coma for a few weeks.

We were able to get him released and placed on house arrest. The police impounded his car and took away his passport. However after a few weeks he would be released. Today I paid the college tuition for over 50 students and I thank God that the money is always there for education, food, electricity, etc.