#385 our story

I am so blessed with how the majority of the older children have responded in helping us since the government still has a stay at home order. We are putting stress on the small group of employees. There are so many staff members who cannot come to work. The ones here are doing the things we need and doing them with a good attitude.

I just keep making radio shows.

The older girls cooking

3/18/2004. Silvio had a really good report card from his pre-med studies. Geidy went with me to get her report cards and it was excellent also. Geidy is the girl who ran away from home due to her mother abandoning her while she went to the USA and Geidy‚Äôs father took out his anger on Geidy both physically and sexually. She came to us with such a bad self-image and a horrible case of guilt. The Lord has turned her life around completely. Tonight Fernanda had an emergency appendectomy and is doing fine.of them 

3/19. Gladys took a chicken book all the way up to Quiche to get a 6 month old baby whom the courts wanted to send here. I had a root canal on one tooth. Unfortunantly I had to leave the dentist office and go pay college tuitions and buy school supplies. The Novocain wore off so I was miserable. Gloria, who was our first teenager sent to Casa, came by to visit. She is now married and has two children.

Sadly in a few years from now she would be pregnant with twins and all three of them would die in childbirth. It was a horrible funeral to go through.

3/20. Today Ezdras, Lorena, Henry and Aroldo who are all studying a pre-med course were taken to a cancer facility for children to work for the day. In time Aroldo would be the only one to stay in the field. Today, 2020, he is the most awesome dialysis technician imaginable. He is filled with compassion.