#384 our story

Josue’ & Adela went to the grocery store for Dottie since we are unable to leave Casa due to our age.

Two more deaths making a total of 5 in Guatemala.

3/16/2004. Today was semester exams day in our school and of course every child I spoke to told me they did very well. Dottie had a full physical exam and it was very positive. After breaking her back when she rolled our van a few years ago her health has slowly improved. We changed all the locks, over 50, as we do each year. In the afternoon I went to three schools in the city where some of our high school students attend. Most of the report cards pleased me. 

3/17.I met with all of the high school and university students which is no small task because some leave as early at 5am to catch the bus and there are students who do not return until 10pm. Those students are picked up by either Alex or Fernando are good drivers. Each morning at 5am we have prayer in the blue building until breakfast at 6am. It is voluntary but we always have 50 to 70 children.

In the late afternoon I spoke with all of the teenagers about the decisions they will be making concerning career, marriage and the purpose for which God has placed them on this earth. I try to spend as much time with them as possible. 

Then in the evening it was my great priviledge to escort Marilyn down the aisle for her wedding ceremony. Her mother, Nadelia, was our first employee and now Marilyn and her husband will join our staff working side by side with her mother. Actually her husband will teach school in Antigua in the mornings.