#383 our story

Matthew 18:20 ”Where two or three are gathered in my Name, there I am with thee”.

No one living has ever experienced an Easter like this. I asked all my children to read of the death & resurrection of Jesus. If they understand that it is not a building but a relationship with Him that matters.

Today was a day of reflection. HE IS RISEN!!!!!

Teens preparing a worship dance for Easter

3/12/2004. I bought a new suit to walk Marilyn and perform her wedding ceremony. She has been here 13 years and when she called her father to tell him of her wedding and asked him to come walk her he responded with, “I never want to see you again”. Estella made the dean’s list at Union University. I am so grateful to Harvey and Jenny Lynn for having her live in their home while she attends the university. This would forever change her life.

3/13. One judge has begun to ask the teenagers if they want to return to their families. Delmy just laughed and Fernanda said, “That is silly.” Sadly in the years to come the judges will not give the children that option.

3/14. I wrote the following on this day in 2004. “Do you realize that with $1,000,000 we could build 1600 churches or 1000 clinics or 500 schools”. We never did get the $1,000,000. So many children are the victims of abuse, rape, abandonment, poverty and without an education. David, Danny, Carlos and I met for prayer that we could all do more for the children in Guatemala. 

3/15. Today is the second anniversary of Estella enrolling at Union. Would you believe that it snowed in Jackson today. This was her first experience with snow. I took Carlos to the deaf school to get his grades. He is very bright but is a handful to deal with daily. Tonight we had a foot washing service as I washed the feet of the staff while the children watched, sang and prayed.