#381 our story

I am so stressed as social distancing here at Casa is not possible and the younger children as well as some teens just do not understand how serious this is. So Dottie & I pray together often daily.

Dottie & I had to go to the bank as well as buy groceries. It took 5 hours because of incredible lines & closures.

3/7/2004. I took JW, one of our board members, to the airport and then went to the dentist. Our dentist opens at 6am and he is the one who has put braces on the children, performed root canals as well as all the normal other things. He is a strong Christian and has blessed our children by charging 50% of his normal fee. 

In the afternoon I took Melvin, another board meeting and the man I call my 

Pastor, to a village on the other side of the Poaquil valley, where we are building a church. The large congregation is so poor but so in love with Jesus. They meet under a brush arbor but when we finish they will have a church that can seat over 500 members. By 2020 God would allow us to build over 100 churches, pastor’s homes and Sunday school buildings.

3/8. Back to the airport at 4am! This time I took Melvin and Wes to catch their flight. This is Easter Week and there was a special production of the Passion so Pastor Dave took all of his teenage boys to see it. Paula, Wendy and Carrie took all of the toddlers to the zoo.