#634 our story

We had some visitors drop by for the morning service.

The Word of God heals. I woke up yesterday so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. So I began reading the Bible. I decided I would make radio shows so I preached for 5 hours straight. Today I woke strong as can be. Try it!

2/21/2004. Dottie and I drove to Holland, Michigan stopping at South Haven on the shores of Lake Michigan and boy was it cold. We walked out on the frozen lake and there were cars parked way out from us. We darn near froze. We did not have winter clothes. One of the men there told us that they had seen sunshine only 2 ½ days in January. The folks in Holland were not overly concerned with the cold. We had dinner with Pastor John and other church members.

2/22. We spoke at Maranatha Christian Reformed Church and Pastor John gave me a long and blessed introduction. Our first trip ever into the frozen land of the north was great but so cold. We then drove to Liberty Mills and thankfully there was no snow falling. I do not drive well in ice and snow. We ministered at Liberty Mills Church of the Brethren. A large contingent of folks from Warsaw and Fort Wayne had driven there to hear us. Both of these churches had sent teams to Casa. The fellowship on this trip with so many people has been such a blessing.

2/23. The weather report called for sleet and snow but we left early and the drive south was sunny and clear all the way through Indiana and Kentucky. We stopped in Lexington and shopped for Christmas.