#380 our story

The little boys performed a worship dance and I taught on the Word of God.

You can see the kids getting a little stir crazy but are doing better than I would have at their age.

The President has extended the curfew. Guatemala now has 34 cases of the virus.

Two more grandchildren

3/6/2004. Eddy took one of the new teenagers to meet with the judge as she was raped and the trial will be in about a month. One of the most shocking moments of my life here in Guatemala was when a 12 year old was testifying against her grandfather and the grandmother leapt out of her chair and ran to the little girl and spit in her face. The grandfather was sentenced to twenty years and the judge sentenced the grandmother to two years. So these trials are very emotional and the girls have to testify with their abuser sitting right there. Vinicio and Oscar are having a special treat this week. There is a village near Isabel on the coast that is composed mostly of African Europeans who were working on ships or actually slaves who jumped ship and have their own community.

Each year they invite two Guatemalan young men to come spend a week at the village where the Guatemalan young men learn the history and culture of the village. 

Nadelia has taken over the baby dorm and all of the children and workers are very blessed with the decision. Everyone loves her.