#378 our story

Governor Edwards said Louisiana has the fastest growing rate of coronavirus in the USA. There were 311 reports of large gatherings mostly for Sunday church services so a special police team has been put together to close down such gatherings.

Our children & grandchildren live in Louisiana as do thousands of friends of Casa. Lines at the grocery stores are getting shorter here.

4/1/2004. After 7 years here at Casa Steve and Sheryl have moved on. It was such a difficult departure because they had done so much for Casa. Steve oversaw the construction of nearly every building here on campus and was a marvelous and dependable maintenance man. He knew something about everything. Sheryl ran that baby dorm like a mother hen. At one time there were 120 babies & toddlers yet she had the love and patience to minister to them all. Although I do not like it, the Word says, “To everything there is a season”. And as I write these words on March 10, 2020 that particular scripture has deeper and deeper as we have had so many people helping us over the last 31 years. 

4/2. The sun did rise today so Jesus is still on the throne. The courts are making changes that are detrimental to so many children as those children are being sent back to horrible conditions. Again, this is March 10, 2020 and the court situations have only worsened. We have gone from a high of 527 children to currently less than 300. Me prayers and dreams were always that we would have 2000 children on campus.

4/3. Last year I had so much trouble academically with Vilma. She was terrible. Today I dropped Dottie and Olga at one school to get report cards while I took Vilma to her school fully believing I was going to receive a negative report. The teacher pulled me aside before the PTA meeting and said, “Your daughter is so special. She is honest, always on time, respectful and has passed every class with high grades”. 

Last week Estella II was at the gate. She and her 3 siblings were sent home and here she stood begging me to let her stay here. So I took her to the judge who agreed that all 4 needed to return. Today, 2020, her brother is a dialysis technician and Estella is married with one child and she and her husband are pillars of their church and own their own business.