#377 our story

Every one is just sorta sitting around. Not much activity and as little contact as possible. With the curfew in place our outside staff has to leave at 2:30. Anyone on the road after 4pm will be arrested unless they are going for medical attention, etc. 

3/28/2004. Wes, Carlos and I met in the city with our lawyers in order to sign legal papers. I wanted to make sure not only legal but also if anything ever happened to me Casa Aleluya would always be a home for children. From there we took Wes to the airport only to discover that Pastor Dave’s truck had been stolen in the city. He had loaned it to a pastor and the thieves attacked him when he stopped to visit a friend. They laid the pastor face down in the dirt and told him he was about to die. But they drove off. Vehicles can be replaced but good pastors cannot.

3/29. Estefani, Fernanda, Lorena, Rosa, Telma and Jessica were 6 of the eleven starters on the San Bartolome’ soccer team that won the state championship last night. The score was 7-1 so it was a decisive win. Late tonight two young boys showed up to tell me that their parents were killed and the boys were alone. We took them in and washed them, fed them, gave them new clothes and at 9am we brought them to court and they were placed here.

3/30. Dottie and I rented a storage unit in the city where we can wrap and store gifts for Christmas. It is larger than the one we had. It would be wonderful if churches would adopt a dorm so as to help us with the hundreds of gifts. 

3/31. You could never complete a month any better then we did today as 24 teens gave their lives to Christ. A girl Estella, age 13 was brought to the gate by her mother who simply said, “She wants to live with you”.