#375 our story

The day of fasting and prayer went well. I am so proud of the teenagers for wanting to be part of it.

We are checking all the children throughout the day and there are none who are experiencing any difficult. 

I have made radio show through August, 2021 which is nearly 16 months of shows. The coronavirus demonstrates that we have no idea what tomorrow brings.

With thousands of people losing their jobs we need you to pray that our donors are blessed. It looks rough for everyone.

3/23/2004. Today was our second annual pastor’s conference and we had 33 pastors attend. They slept here in a dorm and we provided their food, etc. A former gang member was our main speaker. One of the pastors was blind because when he was in a gang the police shot him in the head. He turned his life over to Jesus and preaches from his heart since he cannot read. His wife reads to him and from that he preaches. 

One pastor from Quiche’ was here and wanted to extend his gratitude to all of you who helped build the 4 churches in the mountains. We bought him a motorcycle so he pastors all 4 churches. The customs officials called to say that our container from Gulfport was red flagged and had to be unloaded there at the port. So I will leave later today and go oversee the unloading and reloading so as not to have anything stolen.

3/24. I went to the port and they told me if I paid a certain amount they would not open the container. So of course I did that and the container was released but I did not get home until 2am. The ex-president of Guatemala was arrested and will be tried for embezzlement and money laundering. The United Nations announced today that only 4% of murders are investigated. There were 400 teenage girls killed last year by gangs. We received a sweet young boy whose parents are dead.