#374 our story

The Puma(mountain lion) was caught last night. There is an annex of the Guatemala zoo not far from here so they had the workers that were able to catch the puma.

Guatemala has prohibited planes from China, Iran, Italy, etc. from landing here. There is still not even one case of coronavirusin Guatemala. We know that this has the potential of affecting our monthly offerings so please pray for us that others will make up the slack. We have had 3 teams cancel.

We had lunch with Melvin & Carolyn.

3/21/2004. Today we took Estella to her village in the mountains near Panajachel to celebrate her 15thbirthday. Her mother is dead and her father has a drinking problem but we thought it would be good for him to participate in this special day.

When we arrived the place was swarming with the villagers and they actually had a band, preaching, loads of food and just an outpouring of love for Estella. Her mother had been so well loved. 

When I was in high school during a football game a boy named Hoyle Granger who later played for the Houston Oilers kicked me in the mouth after I tackled him. He broke over a dozen teeth and I had one false tooth put in. Today, after nearly 25 years that false tooth fell out. I used epoxy and put it back.

3/22. Anali is the teenager who came here on her own because the village was dangerous and she wanted to remain a virgin until her marriage. The gangs are rampant in her home town and rape is common. Yesterday her first cousin was preaching in his church when a gang entered and stabbed him to death in front of his congregation. He was only 28 years old and the father of two. David & Regina returned from the states today.