#373 our story

The team interviewed Claudia and her husband and all of us are praying for wisdom from God. But it does look promising.

There is no coronavirus in Guatemala. 

Would you believe that an escaped Puma is on the roof of the school? Escaped from the zoo.

Dottie is feeling physically bad and asks for your prayers.

3/18/2004. I began going to the high schools our children attend in Guatemala City and Chimaltenango to get report cards. There are 55 students scattered in 8 different high schools. I hate PTA meetings! One of the student’s, Timoteo, mother passed away so when I returned home I took him to Xela for the wake and funeral. Steve and Sheryl left for a short visit to the USA. I received word from the First Lady’s office that I will have to travel to Puerto Barras to do the paperwork on the container at the port.


The students from Crown College in Minnesota left this morning. They were great workers so we hope they can come back. Danny is ill so Angie is managing the dorm alone. A water pipe broke under the concrete so we were blessed with enough big boys to break up the concrete so we could fix the problem. Dottie, Aaron, Cay and Brennen let the worship service tonight.

3/20. We all woke up with still another water pipe that burst. We could not tell where the source of the break was and water was flooding the dorm. Danny, John and I walked around and the very first place that we broke the concrete the break was there. God is so good to us. The problem was that it was near midnight when we finally finished the repairs.  While we were working we heard the sound of a large collision and down the road from us an 18 wheeler ran into a bus. It was carrying pipe and the pipes flew into the bus decapitating 3 people and killing 14 more.