#372 our story

We are praying about a couple coming to work here. She was raised here & he is a maintenance man with degrees in many areas. Pray that we hear God’s voice.

Melvin & Carolyn bought pizza for all of the children. He was raised here & moved to South Carolina & has his own business. They have three children. Successes like this help me to realize my life was not in vain.

3/16/2004. I took Jennifer and Ana Toma for birth certificates. It is our responsibility when we receive a new child to go to the village where they were born and get original birth certificates. We actually have gone all the way to every border touching Guatemala. We have gone in the mountains and valleys as well as in villages with no government officials. Ana is the girl who was beaten in her eyes with wire. For years she was little more than a slave in her family but now is so very happy. Eventually she would marry and have a family and attend church. God literally saved her life. I had to drive all the way to Cancun, Mexico to get her certificate. So it was a 7 hour trip one way. No paved highways for much of the trip.

Today we had a visit from the board of trustees of Buckner Homes in Dallas, Texas. Eventually one of them, Walter, would become a major employee here at Casa.

3/17. Carlos took a few days off. We have groups here from Indiana, Arkansas and Minnesota and each group is working on a project. One group is pouring concrete for the installation of a commercial washer in the laundry. Currently we are building 4 churches in 4 different villages and today Dottie and I drove to Quiche’ where we dedicated one of them that was completed yesterday. We have 38 children with the chicken pox.