#371 our story

You can only imagine the problem if both of our water wells quit at the same time. Right now one is not working due to electrical surges & the other is only working at 50%. With this many children it would be a disaster.

The children had their first exams in school today.

We do not have any groups here so it is quiet. Of course the children love having the visitors.

Oscar is still working on the water pump electrical problem. 

The children love Spot and Champion

3/13/2004. This morning I lost total control of my emotions as Carlitos, totally deaf & mute came to my room before leaving with Analy to travel to the school for the deaf in Guatemala City. I have never heard any word from him but this morning he hugged me and said “Hola” which is Spanish for “hello”. He has a list of fifteen words that he is memorizing. The school is also teaching him to read lips. I am overcome with happiness for him and Analy has been so faithful in helping him. He has been a behavior problem but I am sure it is his frustration of not being able to communicate.

3/14. David M. has been helping me learn how to put photos on my daily updates. I am useless when it comes to computers and all that jazz. 

3/15. Brennen and his new wife, Josemaria, are interested in becoming house parents after they complete their first year of marriage. Their interest is in helping Danny and Angie in Vencedores which is a dorm for boys 9-14. The children begin their first semester finals this week so we have everyone studying.