#370 our story

The weather continues to be very cold for this time of the year.

There are no reported cases of coronavirus in Central America except for a suspected case in Costa Rico. Of course it seems to be among older people so Dottie and I need to watch it.

The influx of 5 new toddlers or babies has brought joy to the baby dorm staff.

Guatemala is seeking a way to keep Honduran & Salvadoran migrants from returning from the USA.

Earlier this week the well on the girl’s side wasn’t working & today the well on the boy’s side is not working. We need an electrical regulator. The problem is our electrical power surges that happens very often.

The Guatemalan border

3/10/2004. I was called today by the director of Human Rights and honored by what she said, “We have a 13 year old girl who was raped by her father and we know that you have the compassion to care for her”. This is a tremendous honor shown to our staff. Compassion is rampant here at Casa among the staff as well as the children. In the evening we had a lawyer and a government official come speak to our staff about new laws that will affect our children. In the 31 years I have been in Guatemala the laws have changed at least 15 times. However it was a very good meeting. I paid the college tuition for the first 16 university students. Dottie and I were invited to a shoe factory to meet with the owner who wants to sell us school shoes and tennis shoes for the children. With over 400 children here—you do the math. It is a minimum of $8500 for shoes. 

3/11. Carlos took a child to court and the judge told him of a 15 year boy whose parents are dead and his grandmother cannot take care of him. He is only in 5thgrade. So Carlos returned to Casa with the boy. Eddy will be coordinator of social services which means he will oversee the health, vo-tech and other areas. We hired another full time social worker.

3/12. The Lord sent us a 23 day old baby girl and she is so precious. Danny took a group of boys to the movies. Five of them had never seen a movie. It is a joy to all of our staff to see children be able to experience something new in their lives. The electricity surges and spikes and that turns off the water well meaning we wake up to no water for bathing, toilets, cooking, etc. Would you believe that now in 2020 we are still experiencing the same problem?