#369 our story

Jim had praise and prayer in the morning for the Spanish speakers and in the evening or the English speaking folks.

The Tyler team left in the middle of the night to fly home to Texas.

It felt like one of the coldest days of the years.

5 of the 6 new children are under 4 years of age.

We are wondering what we can do in case the coronavirus hits Guatemala. There are no cases in Guatemala and we are praying there will be none. But we are thinking that we maybe should buy extra rice, beans, etc. to have in reserve. Anyway we ask you to pray about helping us to do so.

Also we are still building churches and for $7000 we can build a church. So any gift no matter how small could help us keep his going.

Our grandaughter Susie

3/9/2004. I have to pay 57 tuitions for high school students studying in Guatemala City so today I paid 23 of them. I did not want to carry that much cash for 57 kids so will wait a day and pay the rest. Michelle had a grand mal seizure in class today as well as one last Sunday. The 22 year old sister of Johanna fell dead from a heart attack while walking to school. She has never lived here. Dottie and I took Johanna to the wake. We also went with her on the 10thfor the funeral. The police brought a baby who was found abandoned behind a bar.

One of the most joyous stories of my life is the story of JonJon. He arrived as a baby with multiple physical problems including spinal bifida. As he grew he remained a child who was always smiling and loved everyone. When I would see him on the play ground I would tease him by pointing at him and saying, “Go your dorm” and he would respond with “Go to your house”.

He was loved by a couple from Washington state who in time would adopt him. The hospitals in that area treated him and in September 2019 Dottie and I were so blessed to see him with his adoptive parents. He will be going to college this September. He plays a musical instrument. He was a state champion in track and field and his points were responsible for his high school track team to become state champions.

My life has been filled with so much undeserved love and blessings. I do not know any person who is more blessed than I am.