#368 our story

Oscar does such a good job with the maintenance but he has never studied specific areas like washer/dryer repairs, electricity, plumbing, water wells, etc. I know that he and I are praying that someone who feels called to missions who have those skills would be a tremendous blessing to Casa. I am talking long term. Oscar works so hard planning & overseeing the visitors work as well as the daily work of the college students.

Would you believe that this afternoon we began having plumbing problems in my house? Just emphasizes our need for a maintenance person.

We received 6 new children.

3/7/2004. Four new children arrived ages 2, 4, 7 and 13. None of them have ever been to school. I think it is worth noting that many children do not attend school but in most cases it is not because the parents do not want them to study. Education in Guatemala is not free. Students wear uniforms and must buy everything from pencils to textbooks. So for a country that has more than 55% of the population living below the poverty line just putting food on the table is a major accomplishment. I sent Debbie the February newsletter and began working on the February financial report.

3/8. I had two meetings today with government officials then I took Edwin to school to talk with the director. From there I went to the bank while Dottie went to buy groceries. Nain, an 11 year old, arrived today. One of our 12 year old girls broke her leg on a skateboard. It is the tibia so she is in a wheel chair. Also a boy who had broken his arm a while back fell and dislodged the plate in his arm so he had surgery. Wendy, our nurse, stays very busy. To top off the day we currently hx.ave 26 children with chicken pox.