#366 our story

It does not look good for Amalia so please pray for her. She is losing her eyesight. She was our first employee 29 years ago when we lived at the chicken ranch.

We have friends in central Tennessee where the tornado killed 25 and destroyed many buildings.


We arrived in Jackson, Tn where we immediately went to Union University to pick up Estella. We were so tired that we visited a few hours and then went to the motel to get a good night’s sleep. At 7:45pm Debbie called frantically saying, “Where are you the church is waiting for you?” We had totally forgotten that we had a meeting tonight. We jumped up, dressed and raced to the church. They were kind and even laughed it off. It actually were two churches: Light Ministry and The Father’s House Ministries. After ministering we got in the car only to have it not start. Everyone at the church had left so I walked to a gas station and they sent a wrecker to get us. They said it was the battery so they charged it and when we drove to the motel we parked and I turned the key and the battery was dead.

2/28. I went to buy a battery at 6am at Walmart only to discover that my alternator was the problem. So we purchased a battery and an alternator. We had dinner with the Hewitts and then took Estella out for cake and coffee.

2/29. The final day of preaching went well. We spoke twicw at Evangelistic Community Church in Jackson where Jim S. an ex-Duke basketball player is the pastor. We drove in the afternoon to Cherokee, Alabama and ministered in the evening at First Church. There was a very large turn-out and we met so many friends and made new ones.