#365 Our story

Ezdras & Marlin need a few days off as dorm parents to Vencedores. If anyone would like to come & relieve them for 3 to 5 days please connect us.

Arolodo has been blessed again for his faithfulness. He is going to Columbia all expenses paid to a symposium on dialysis.

The Brook Hill team from Texas arrived yesterday. I gave them my testimony today.

There are no cases of the coronavirus here in Guatemala. Pray with us that it will stay that way.

2/24/2004.  We met with Doug, John and Brooke and shared with the interested students & faculty at Asbury Seminary. The chapel time with all staff & students was especially blessed. Doug and Brooke were at the Woodlands UMC in The Woodlands, Texas before moving to attend seminary in Wilmore, Ky. We received an emergency call from Guatemala as Michelle had an extremely hard seizure so they took her to have another CAT scan. While she was there at the hospital they decided to also perform an EEG and MRI. Dottie is praying as to whether or not she should return to Guatemala.

2/25. We stayed an extra day at the seminary as they invited me to speak again. This time I shared with graduate students and professors. One pastor who asked me to talk to him privately is head of a congregation that totals over 1,000,000 and is spread out all over Nigeria. In fact the group consisted of Koreans, Pakistanis, Latinos and other races. The head of outreach asked for all the information for bringing a team to Casa. We left in the afternoon and drove to Bowling Green where we shopped for Christmas.

2/26. We arrived in Nashville where we purchased items for the kitchen t Casa. We have a large van filled with Christmas items so we are going to leave them at a church here and a friend has offered to drive the items to Gulfport to be shipped. We heard from Guatemala that they will await our return so we can decide what to do with Michelle.