Mike F. continues to work with our financial and computer team. He spoke to me a little about things.

Dottie is still ill so I ask your prayers.

I want to remind you to please consider us for a service in your church in September.

The Alabama team had games for the dialysis dorm and in the evening they had games with the University boys and girls. They went on an outreach in the morning.

Years ago there was a little girl living many miles from here who was abused in the cruelest of ways. Her dad would hold her eyelids apart & hit her eye ball with a wire. Tremendous damage!

Her aunt visited the family and realized the abuse being done by her brither to his daughter. So she buried a can with money, directions & a phone number and told the girl when she had a chance dig the can up & come to the city.

It took over a year for the girl to get the courage but she finally came to Guatemala City where a judge brought her to us. By then she was 14 and had never been to school. We placed her in first grade and the first day she came to me to show me a large “A” and a large number “I” on two pieces of paper. She tole me she was learning to read and learn numbers.

Everyday she went to the baby dorm so I followed her and she was sitting in a rocking chair with 4 toddlers in her arms. I sat next to her and she looked at me and said, “I never want them to feel what I felt”.

A fe days later she came to my house , sat on my lap and I hugged her and she said, “You are the first person to ever hold me”.

Today she is married and has a loving husband and two children. Your support of love and finances make these stories possible.