Our first ever employee was Amalia who is now going blind. She is a strong Christian & asks for your prayers,

We were blessed to have the two buildings reroofed. We have two-storied buildings that also need a new roof.

Josue’ gave his testimony to the team.

The team had another outreach today.

There was a family dinner and movie for all the children today. Brothers and sisters sit together.

Some of our grandchildren

Nearly 30 years ago a woman ran into my bedroom shouting, “He’s dead”. She was referring to her husband & asked if I would go with her to claim the body.

The next morning we had the funeral and as I was about to preside over the services a lawyer ran down the aisle waving papers and screaming, “You cannot bury him. I have a court order”. But Amalia wanted to bury her husband so we placed him in a pick-up and drove the the cemetary. As we approached the cemetary a group of soldiers blocked the road and put guns in the face of the pastor and myself.

They performed an autopsy right then and there. No foul play was found so we were able to bury him after a 4 hour wait.

Two weeks later the pastor called to tell me that Amalia was thrown out into the street with her 2 daughters. Dottie and I drove to the village and brought them to Casa. That was 29 years ago and she has been a faithful member of our family.

She has recently lost her vision in the right eye and the left eye is losing vision. She needs a miracle. Pray for her.