#633 our story

I need you to pray for my health please.

Do not forget that we would like to minister this September in the US if you can have us.

Georgie & Tatiana drove to Nicaragua  for a week.

2/18/2004. We met with Gary, Jack and their families and ministered at Salem,  Illinois.

2/19. We drove to Richmond, ‘Indiana where we ministered at New Creations Ministry. This was a new and exciting experience for us. At 6:50pm there were only 5 or 6 adults in the church and only 10 minutes before the service was to start. But then over 100 teenagers came in all dressed up. The boys even had ties on. It was then that we found out about Pastor Tim and his wife, Bonnie. They had begun working with troubled teenagers 34 years ago. That was why there were so few adults in the church. You had to be a serious Christian to attend there.

2/20. We drove to South Bend, Indiana & spent the afternoon on the campus of Notre Dame. This is where my mother had wanted me to attend but we did not have the money and I did not have the grades for an academic scholarship. I had taken the exams for entrance and passed but they did not offer me any financial support. At the time it was such a disappointment but in the years to come I was blessed wit Jesus, Dottie and Casa Aleluya.