#630 our story

We have two new commercial dryers and one washer installed.

We also hired a new psychologist & a new social worker giving us 3 of each on staff.

Kate leaves tomorrow for the states. Ireni’s father passed away. Amalia, on staff for over 25 years is ill.

I gave my testimony to the team in the morning & they had special activities for two dorms.

Volleyball tournament

2/6/2004. Dottie and I woke up very early because the fire alarm kept going off. So went at 4am to Walmart to Christmas shop. Our board arrived throughout the morning and we had our semi-annual board meeting after dinner.

2/7. The board meeting ended about 2pm so Dottie and I drove to Crossett, Ark. to

stay with her folks. Her Dad was the one who led me to Jesus and I would love to live there and serve with him in his church. His leading me to Christ was truly life changing and little did Dottie and I know that in the future we would move here to Guatemala where thousands would get saved. Sadly her father never came to Guatemala and see what God had dome with the little Cajun boy from South Louisiana. 

2/8. We had a marvelous day as we began by ministering at Garner Baptist in Hamburg followed by Dottie ministering to the folks at First Assembly of God in the afternoon followed by us ministering at Lake Village Baptist in the evening.

2/9. Dottie and I went to the cemetery to lay flowers on the grave of our first child who died in California from heart disease. Our three natural children who died are buried in Crossett, Ar., Lafayette, La. and Ball, La. So when we travel near one of those 3 towns we try to get to the cemetery and leave flowers. I can hardly wait to see Misty, Michelle and Jonathon when I get to heaven. Today, 2020, I am 76 years old so the waiting may not be that long. We spoke at the Lion’s Club in Crossett.