#629 our story

Today was visiting day so we had our church service in the evening.

Mike F. arrived to meet with certain of our office staff about the web site & the financial reporting procedures.

Two teams arrived & Young Life had a party for the younger children. 

Marlin and Josue

2/3/2004. We actually receive two electric bills monthly and today the bill for the front property was $6000 and the back property was $3000. A number of college students received their textbook list so I spent a great portion of the day buying texts. Dottie took Michelle and went grocery shopping and to purchase seizure medication for Michelle. At 2pm the school director here on campus gave me a long list of needed supplies so I went back to the city to buy them. At 6:30pm the men here at Casa had prayer time together. I was able to get a list of instructions for Carlos so Dottie and I can take leave for the states. 

2/4. Dottie and I stayed at a small hospice near the airport as we need to be there at 3:30am for our flight to Texas. Before we left a group dropped by Casa with boxes of cheerios and clam chowder. Must have been Yankees! The president who just left office has an arrest warrant out for him. In the 31 years (today is 2020) there will be 4 Presidents arrested following their term in office.

2/5. Dottie & I were at the airport at 3:30am. We first flew to Honduras then on to New Orleans. We had a friend meet us who then drove us to Baton Rouge to my mother’s apartment. My sister, Virginia, came so we had a nice visit. In the after- noon we were given a ride to Lake Charles where we learned that Rene had wrecked her van and had a severe concussion.