#628 our story

We had a judge stop by to see Casa and talk with Josue’. She & I were able to talk for over an hour.

The kids look forward to Saturdays because every other day of the week they arise at 6am; eat breakfast at 7; clean their dorms and go to school at 7:30. Sundays also with Sunday school.

2/1/2004. The month ended with us receiving more new children but at the same they are removing children and sending them home to bad situations. This would continue throughout the years and by 2020 our population went from over 500 down to under 300. Of course even one child is a gift from God. Believe it or not today we were approached by a lawyer who does illegal adoptions. I was so angry that I contacted a judge as well as the local police. They did arrest the man. Dottie and I were so upset we just took our pick-up truck and went to the city to buy a load of school supplies.

2/2/. David fell and broke his ankle while playing soccer in San Bartolome. Today my sermon was on Nehemiah and the building of the wall. It was so appropriate as we are building a wall also. We are not sure what is going on but a number of kids are “antsy” and we cannot understand why. I suppose it is related to the new school year.

2/3. I had a full day as I went to the bank, the electric company, storage unit in the city, the phone company and then bought more school supplies. I am finishing up the January financial statement so I can take a day off. We were asked to take a 5 year old girl with kidney failure. She is expected to live only a few months. To my regret and shame I turned her down. This would haunt me and as you know God would give me another opportunity and we have cared for 14 children on dialysis these last few years.