#627 our story

Today is Michelle’s birthday. Hard to believe she is 26 years old.

Georgie & Lily took the older girls to a special Christian service in the city.

The team left this morning & they were so diligent to do whatever we needed done.

We received a baby last night. The children had still another special day of games after school today. They had bowling, volley ball, soccer, foot races, basketball and much more.

Our son, Tony, who has been here for years is thinking about returning to the USA so he is job hunting in the Baton Rouge, La. He first came here 25 years for the first time because Dottie was very ill. He stayed a couple of years & went home to Louisiana & then returned for 15 years.

Jim, Kate & Angie are attending a mission conference being held in Panajachel.

Please be praying that we get new dorm parents.

It took a while but I wrote the 1900 Christmas cards. Can you believe that the Christmas card you will receive in December was writeen in February?


1/26/2004. Dottie cashed her first check today. The accounts were only in my name but I decided to add Dottie for security in case something happened to me. In 2020 I would also add Josue’. Then minor stroke I had just lets me know that I am human and aging.

I went to the university and paid both February and March tuitions in case we are delayed in returning from the states. I then took our bus and carried 32 students to San Bartolome and enrolled them in typing. John will also be going to the states this weekend so our staff will be undermanned for a few weeks.

1/27. Our February trip goes like the following. We begin in Hamburg, Ar. then Lake Village, Ark; then Little Rock and on to Fayetteville, then Springdale, then again in Fayetteville. From there to Salem, Ill. And on to Richmond, Ind. Our next stop will be Holland, Michigan then to Liberty Mills, Ind. followed by being a guest speaker at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore,  Ky.We close the trip by going to Jackson, Tn. ending at Cherokee, Alabama.

In 2020 many churches do not have Sunday evening nor mid-week services and most pastors do not give up their pulpits to a visiting minister on Sunday morning.