#626 our story

We are so blessed and happy as Dr. Lou has gotten a scholarship for Aroldo to study an advanced degree in peritoneal dialysis. Aroldo is one of the most loving, giving and faithful young men of God and is so dedicated to the children on dialysis under his care.

Fernando & Anna were married 18 years ago which is what makes a marriage legal. They want to now be married in a Christian ceremony in June.

Yesterday our social work department had another “Play Together” afternoon.

The team is working on electrical problems. It is amazing how quickly they were able to reroof those two areas. We still have at least 3 buildings needing new roofs. Georgie began taking Spanish lessons five hours per day for the next month.

Visiting dentist using our dental clinic

1/23/2004. We have children attending school in 6 different cities. They are El Tejar, Chimaltenango, Antigua, San Bartolome, Guatemala City and San Cristobal. There was a strong Christian mother of 5 who was diagnosed with cancer. She & her husband sold everything for her treatments & came asking for help. The courts gave us the children & we worked out a plan where we could help with her treatments. She would live for 2 more years.

1/24. Carlos left for a short visit to the states while I attended 2 PTA meetings with Roberto, Pedro & Pablo then later with Melvin at the Air Force Academy. 

1/25. Today was not a peaceful Sunday as a new girl sent to us has been horrible. She came one year ago and the judge told her she would return home in six months. She has become violent and attacking other teenage girls. The other girls have tried to counsel her and be friends but she will have none of it.

Paula is preparing power points for both David and I as we both will leave in February and share with various churches.