#625 Our story

We received 4 new children last night.

Some of the college students went to the mountain with Adam & his team.

Sadly I had to write over 40 letters to sponsors whose children have left. Pray that the courts will have more compassion.

The team finished the clinic roof  & then finished the roof on the dialysis building. It only took them 3 days for them to reroof two buildings.

There is an American dentist here for the day so he will see all the staff.

Josue’ spoke to the team.

Adam brought a team to cook hot dogs for the boys.

Orlando Minor has gotten the Christmas photo ready.

Our grandson, Alex, is coming this summer to study Spanish.
He was adopted to a wonderful family in Rustin, La.

1/22/2004. Everyone is so busy. Carlos is working non-stop to get the school settled in for the new classes. David & Allison are busy at trying to get their new dorm in shape by building cabinets, painting, moving beds and simply settling in. On the back pocket we have Pastor David and Regina preparing the older boys while Danny and Angie are working with the 8-12 year old boys in their dorm.

Danny says the back property where the boys live is Epcot and on the front side where the girls live is the Magic Kingdom. A group from Family Life in Little Rock arrived. One of the Presidents who helped us the most over the last 4 years was taken into custody and being investigated for fraud. This is and almost was always the way things happened in the political world.

Also General Rios Montt who also was president of Guatemala by a coup was accused of genocide. His trial, house arrest and court appearances would last unto his death in 2018. He had visited Dottie and I wanting to help us find property to build Casa on. His case really never was resolved so he lived a very restrictive life.