Another one of my friends who meant so much to Casa, Bill B., passed away from a diabetic coma. T

he men are working so hard to reroof the two buildings.

We went to get our Idenitification papers & they said we had to wait 3 month

1/20/2004.  Maybe the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to me occurred to me today. I had to drive to bookstores looking for 3 text books for Heidy & Patty. Remember in 90% of the schools the textbooks are not sold so you have to look for them. Finally one store salesman said, “These books are only sold in Zone one at an internet café. There are 50 zones in the city so it took a while to find the café. When I pulled the books off the shelf the owner asked what zone did I live in.

When I said I lived outside the city he said, “You cannot buy the books because they can only be sold to people living in zones 7, 11, 19 and one. I never could get them to sell me the books.

1/21. We were asked by some folks in the states as to what they could either bring or put on the container to help us. The first thing is always shoes and secondly school supplies. We have over 400 students in kindergarten through university so we need hundreds of pencils, notebooks, rulers, geometry sets, typing paper, masking tape, back packs, crayons, scientific calculators and the list goes on. In fact this could be a good Sunday school project. 

I took David, Rosa and Elder to the first PTA meeting of the new school year. It was to begin at 8am and at 9pm the director of the school apologized because we were the only ones in attendance. He said we could leave. This gives you an idea of just how little education means to many parents.