#623 our story

We will try to find another university for the girl who was attacked. Pray for favor!!

The team almost finished the clinic roof yesterday so they went to Antigua & will resume work on Monday.

A team with Adam dropped by for church services & visited with the children. 

A baby squirrel was in Dottie’s flowers

1/18/2004. I met with the high school and college students as the new school year begins tomorrow. I laid hands on each of them and prayed that they would be safe on the buses as well as walking to and from bus stops in the city. I prayed that they would excel in their students and that God would bless their futures. We dedicated Zoila and Eric’s baby.

1/19. The first day of school went well for both those who left campus as well as those studying here on campus. No one was more happy than David & Regina, Danny & Angie as well as Mitch & Ally as it has been along 3 months vacation time for the them having to entertain so many children daily. Now they will have some time for themselves. With the new program of the teachers staying until 3pm & helping the children with their homework this will also help our Amrican staff.

A 7 year old girl came to my house and said, “Papi, when you die what will happen to me?” Satan will use every means to get children to feel unloved and fear of the future.