#622 our story

Please pray for our college girls as many are frightened to go to their classes. Two weeks of school and already 3 assaults on our girls. It is not right for them to be afraid to go get an education.

Jeremy(Oklahoma) with Sheldon & men from Biezel Corporation were on the clinic roof early. The men here are from N.Mex., Indiana, Pa, Md and other states.

We replaced a sensor on the well so we have water. Thank you for praying. 

The girl attacked yesterday went to enroll today at the university & they said she was a day late so needed to wait one year. No compassion!

Reroofing the clinic

1/16/2004 continued. Dennis and Franklin are two young teens whose father passed away and the mother was unable to take care of them. They were living on the streets when the police found them and brought them to us. I will tell you the remarkable story at a later date. Dina is a young girl whose father was in an accident having his legs crushed. She came here to get an education. Eventually she would become a Registered Nurse and has worked for many years in a government home for children who are HIV positive.

Ludy is a precious teenage girl from the Peten which borders Mexico. She would prove to be one of the most loving and enjoyable teenagers we would ever receive. 

1/17. John, Mitch & the older boys and girls took apart 44 bunk beds and then reassembled them in other dorms as we moved many children to the dorms for their age group. It reminds me of dominos falling as children go from the baby dorm to Estrellitas and it goes all the way to graduated seniors move to the college dorms.

The US Embassy sent out warnings again for Americans to be extra careful due to violence. As an example they said two tourists women were raped in Antigua. We would learn the two girls were in a bar wearing short shorts, halter tops and walking 7 blocks from the park at 2 in the morning. Not very intelligent! 

The President signed his first agreement with a foreign country to provide protection and combat the many gangs throughout Central America. As I write this in 2020 gang activity has just exploded. A team from Carrolton, Ga. Arrived and will be helping Danny.