#621 our story

One of our college girls was attacked on a bus. They tore her clothes & bruised her legs but she was able to run away. However she is totally frightened. In one week we have had 2 attacks on 3 girls going to the university.

Quique & I were up before 4am because the water tanks were over flowing. We waited an hour & turned them on only to have them run over again. Oscar is trying to get a technician.

The tin for the roofs of the clinic & dialysis dorm arrived just in time as the team arrives tonight.

The toddlers came to my bedroom each carrying a rose for Dottie for Valentine’s Day.

Oscar on the tower

1/15/2004. I decided that I needed someone besides me to be able to sign checks so Dottie and I went to the bank and added her to the checks. In 2016 we would also add Josue’ and begin removing my name from the checks making all accounts in the name of Build Your House on the Rock, Inc. This is a precaution in case anything happens to me.

1/16. Carlos met with the Guatemalan staff and it did not go well. There are new laws in Guatemala written by the Department of Labor so that we cannot do any business as family owned but as a cooperation. In the years to come we would be sued 7 times and lose all seven. One teacher came to school drunk and another teacher kissed a 14 year old girl in class so I fired them. They sued and we lost having to pay them 6 months salary.

The first person to sue us was a pastor believe it or not! Most of the Guatemalan staff are saddened because of this policy because they preferred the family ministry because that was the way we treated them. 

All of the high school girls live in one dorm. I meet and pray with them at 5am and they leave for school at 5:30am to be able to get to their school in the city by 7am when classes begin. Today we received 8 new children.