#620 our story

We are still having trouble with the water system on the front property.

Oscar & Jeremy are scheduling how they will be able to reroof the clinic & the dialysis house in two days.

A group of us had to get our government papers proving we had no felonies or outstanding tickets. This is done by every adult in Guatemala.

The government had a seminar on human rights for the staff. It is a 4 week program & all homes for children has this responsibility to attend.

A university professor has been teaching mime to the teens & today awarded recognition of the best work.

1/13/2004. There are times that I just walk outside in the moonlight when all the children are asleep. I look at the many dorms and think of the hundreds of children who have lived in them. I look at the heavens and the beautiful stars and just stand there in the presence of God and thank Him for all he has provided to Dottie and me.

The government does not help us and the electric company, universities, high schools, grocery stores nor any other business gives us a discount. It is all God and His provision. Our income is provided by ordinary Christians with God-filled hearts. In time our electric bill would reach $15,000 per month and the food bill $24,000 a month. Throw in the butane, teacher’s salaries, clothes, medicine, school books and supplies and it is awesome that our heavenly Father loves us so much. 

1/14. Today is the Presidential inauguration for Oscar Berger. His wife is Wendy and she is a wonderful asset to Casa. She has come and addressed the children and eaten a meal with Dottie and I as well as provides us the opportunity to receive the containers from the USA without paying taxesI had to pass the palace as I was downtown buying textbooks. She saw me from the podium and sent a soldier to ask me to wait. I did and then she introduced me to the many government officials and told them about Casa. Later in the week she would bring a young girl that she had found sleeping on the sidewalk near the palace.