#619 our story

Sebastian & I went to the city to meet with a lawyer.

Dottie & Adela finished painting Michelle’s room.

We are having trouble with the water well system on both properties. Oscar has worked most of the night and all day today on the problem.

Bob began the carpentry workshop with the older boys in this new school year. 

Today was another long and busy day as I left at 6am. To get Gladys and Analy enrolled in the university. Then from there to Chimaltenango to enroll Timoteo in high school. Then I drove back to the city with Oscar to enroll him in a different university and all the way back to Chimaltenango to enroll Diana and purchase school supplies.

I know it looks ridiculous to go back and forth to the city and then all the way back to Chimaltenango but I was given a specific time at each school when certain kids could be enrolled. Esvin was robbed 7 times last year going to school. Other kids were also robbed so the schools have a plan where I can pay tuition in a bank. This will be a blessing as we continue to grow and one day we would have 92 college students.

I then spent the late afternoon hours purchasing textbooks and supplies. David, Carlos and I met in the evening to discuss the many pastor’s children who want to come to school at Casa. We would educate dozens of pastor’s children over the years until 2017 when the government said we could no longer do that. They said that it was the famalies’ obligation to educate their own children.