#617 Our story

One tremendous truth is that children can come to Casa & stay a short time or a long time but although they can leave Casa they can never escape the Word of God they heard here. So I believe that apart from the 6000 children who sat under the Word many others will hear the Word from the lips of our children as they marry and raise families.

Two more university students, Rosario and Roxanna, will graduate this year.

The Ohio team painted Michelle’s room as well as worked on the roof we will be replacing when the Oklahoma team arrives. The Ohio team celebrated our anniversary with ice cream.

Then we retuned to the house to only find Georgie & a bunch of kids with ice cream & cake.

The boys are prepping the clinic for a new roof

1/7/2004. We slept in before going to the city to purchase the high school texts for Luis, Nancy, Delmy & Edwin. The most difficult part of our students studying in either high school or college in Guatemala is that the texts are not sold by the schools so we have to go to many, many stores to purchase texts. And when you have 8 or 9 in the same school you have to go to 3 or 4 stores because each store will only have one or two on hand. It normally takes 3 weeks of 8 hour days to get the supplies and text books. 

1/8. A tour bus with 13 Mormons on board was stopping at the cross on the mountain in Antigua when robbers jumped on board and killed one man, raped the women and stole all their belongings. Today is January 29, 2020 and it has never happened again since we have lived here. Unbelievably when we went to the funeral home to make arrangements for Jakelin’s father’s funeral he was not dead! The family did not think we would go to the funeral home. They thought we would go to the home first where they were planning to kidnap her. There was a gun fight between two gangs near El Tejar and a number were killed. However two of our teachers, Patty and Edith, were caught in the crossfire and were killed. This has been a terrible way to begin the new year.