#617 our stiry

Gerson left here a few years ago. His brother was shot to death. Gerson came today & gave his life to Christ. He just began studying law last week. I am so proud of him.

Monday is Dottie and my 57thwedding anniversary.

Fourteen children gave their lives to Christ today.

The team made crafts with the girls & spoke to them about their relationship with Jesus.

They were all in Andrew’s dorm years ago


1/4/2004. Dottie and I spent very little time doing anything else but resting. She went to a movie by herself while I watched the LSU/Oklahoma football national championship that my Tigers won. It was a nail biter until the very last whistle. The last time we won was 1958 so I hope I do not have to wait for 46 again to see them win the title.

1/5. Melvin began living on the army base today as his classes begin at the academy on Monday. Fernando, Sebastian, Angelina, Estela, Norma, Gladys, Jorge, Manolo, Esvin, Gino, Veronica, Byron, Vilfredo, Analy, Oseas, Alex & Sarah all met with me about their enrolments in the universities.

Today, 2020, Fernando owns his own high tech business in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Estella graduated in Tennessee with a BA and a MBA and is married with 3 children. Byron died from a brain aneurism while Jorge was murdered. Analy graduated with her Masters Degree in Social Work. Esvin and Oseas have both gotten married and are school teachers. Alex and Sara married and are house parents here at Casa while Sebastian and Gladys are on staff at Casa. Vilfredo also graduated from the university and is director of our school as well as on the administration staff here with Josue’. Silvio and Gino live in the USA

1/6. Jakelin’s father did die this morning from his drug abuse. The mother came to tell us and in the confusion actually kidnapped the youngest child w. It took us 24 hours working with the police to find the child.