#615 Our story

Some of the Ohio team helped Dottie in her flowerbeds while others spent time with the children.

Dottie & I will be in the states in September so if you want us contact Debbie.

We received 4 new children last night.

The school Teddie’s group built is absolutely beautiful. They have 143 children; feed both breakfast & lunch and have all Christian teachers.

Dennis and Debbie from Fayetteville arrived to care for the older boys so Alex & Sarah can have time off.

Minor & Josue’ eating crawfish for the first time.

1/1/2004.  Dottie and I took a number of teens to the city to our Christmas storage where we cleaned and separated all of the items. Christmas for us literally begins in January and goes throughout the year. David, Allison and Sheryl took two groups of the younger children to the beach.

1 / 2.  A baby was found outside our property with the placenta still attached. Of course we rushed it to the hospital and it will live. But at the time we had little hope of survival. Jakelin who was beaten by her father so badly and was brought here a few years ago was called by her sister and told her father had overdosed and was at the point of death. In spite of all he did to her Jakelin cried and cried.

We had wonderful but long 4 hour mini-conference with Jerry M. followed by a conference call with Wes about the board meeting next month.

1/3. Sheryl took her second trip to the beach. This time it was with the girls from Doncellas. Michelle went with them. Dottie and I took a few days off following the Christmas season that just wore us out.