#613 our story

We have college interns working here I our offices as well as a young man who will be here for 6 months teaching art to the boys.

Today ALL of our employees had to give urine, blood and feces for testing.

My phone is not working. Josue’, Billy & Sebastian were called to CAN, an entity of the government overseeing homes for children. The officials spoke very highly of Casa & the way we minister to the children & the joy they see in the kids. Months ago they came & spoke with 44 children & later 21 children. They said that not one child said anything negative. PTL!

This is the first week of school & two of our girls were robbed at gunpoint. They are so scared.

12/24/2020. You had to see it to believe it. We put out all the Christmas gifts for 300 children on the back property. We had numbered each child’s gift so they came and we gave them their number and from there they look for their pile. You never saw so much Christmas flying like it did. One girl opened one gift and then sat there. I asked her why didn’t she open her other gifts. She looked at me and said, “All this is for me?” She was so amazed at the number of gifts she received.

12/25. Christmas Day and we began it with a worship service on the football field as the sun was arising. Dottie and all of the American staff had cooked 45 turkeys and put together all of the trimmings. The children devoured the food. Dottie and I went to the home of a fried off and on all week and we had baked 60 pies. Everyone was given as much as they wanted and a number of the kids were bloated.

11/26-29. Today the staff met for a special time of prayer as we approach the New Year. Schools in Guatemala begin in January so we had to make sure that every child had school shoes, pants or skirts, shirts and jackets, PE uniforms, books and all their supplies. This would continue through December 29.