#612 our story

I am the most blessed man on earth. The hundreds of hugs, kisses & photos yesterday made me cry throughout the night. One of the many grandchildren, age 6, cried & said he did not want to leave his grandfather.

The last two years have been the worst for me both physically and emotionally. But God held me tightly last night & the Holy Spirit ministered to me. I listened to the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration of testimonies of pro-football players & awesome Jesus music.

Some of our grandchildren

12/21/2003. One of our best boys, Luis Antonio, an older child asked if he could work over the holidays and he has been doing that for a few weeks. He was paid today and after cashing his check at the bank he was followed by 3 men who robbed him literally at our gate. They took all his money and his shoes. 

12/22. Dottie and I worked on the itinerary for our trip home. We will start at Hamburg, Ar. then Lake Village. We will then head north to Fayetteville, Ar. where we will be at Northstar, First Baptist of Springdale and on to Indiana then we will have the privilege of sharing the Word at Asbury Theology Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. It is always a blessing to tell the story of what God has done.

12/23. I heard a loud crash. One of the children ran into my room screaming that two of our children had been killed. Dottie and I ran to the highway. A bus had run through our wall and two of our children were there. When I looked under the boys the two children were sitting calmly underneath the bus.

The drive tried to back so I jumped on the bus and took his keys. When the police arrived they arrested me for theft and took me to jail. The bus had narrowly missed a small store outside our property. The woman was slightly injured & when her husband arrived he immediately came to the jailhouse and threatened all the policemen. They were terrified and let me out of jail.