#610 our story

I was carrying an aluminum ladder yesterday and fell falling on the ladder and cutting both my arm and leg. Getting old is a bummer!

Two suggestions: First we need scientific calculators for both the 30 high school seniors and the 43 university students. They are not that expensive in the states. If each team bought 5 or so we can get one for every students.

With the courts sending kids to Casa and then sending them back to their homes in 6 months it would be best that people sponsor dorms rather than children. Of course you can do both if you are so led.

12/17/2003. Carlos took the honor roll students to the beach. Most of them had never seen the ocean. Ken H. from the Buckner Homes in Dallas dropped by with his staff. They will give us thousands of pairs of shoes for about 6 years. 

12/18. The courts sent a girl age 5 and a boy age 7 who was obviously sexually abuse. We counted the gifts and noticed that we were a few gifts short since we have received so many new children. 

12/19. There are times where I am just disgusted and angry at what I have seen happen to so many children who are sent to us. For instance, an 18 month old raped by her father. A 13 year old boy burned by his father because he did not bring in enough money begging in the streets. Or the 12 year old girl stabbed multiple times by her older prostitute sister for not bringing any men to her. A young 10 year old came to Casa because he was beaten with barbed wire. His brother, age 12, came also and had never been beaten.

Another girl, age 13, who was sexually used by her father from age 6 until she was 13 and sent to us. A precious girl also age 13 who was beaten with small wire where her dad would hold her eyelids apart and hit her in the eyes. 

Today, 2020, three of these girls and one boy are married and doing well. One girl is on staff here and another girl is still here and attending college. I want to thank all of you who make the healing possible with your prayers and financial support.