#609 our story

Pastor Teddie from Grand Bay, Alabama is the most ardent Alabama fan I know. So he humbled himself & purchased me an LSU National Championship shirt & gave it to me today.

I failed to share something so sweet that happened. Earl & Pat in the Woodlands, Texas are a few years older than us and we have become the best of friends. They were in bed sleeping when Earl woke up & shook Pat awake and said, “Good bye” and then passed away. Only God!!

We took our Christmas card photograph today.

We will be going to the USA in September so if you want us to share with your church call Debbie. Her number is listed above.

12/13/2003. It is so nice that Danny & Angie as well as David and Allison are back at Casa following their vacations. The children need their house parents. Estella went to Xela with her brother Fernando. We received her grades from Union University and she is on the Dean’s list. She had four A’s and a C. Stacey and Luis left while Jerry C. arrived. Violence on the buses is at an all time high so the buses are refusing to go into certain sections of the city without a police escort.

12/14.  The children are all working on projects concerning Christmas. I preached on Intercession.

12/15. Michelle had an appointment with the neurologist who said she is doing well. Jony II had the pins removed from his broken arm. Carlos took a group of kids to the court while I sorted Christmas gifts by age groups.

12/16. The judges announced today that children need to be with their parents regardless of the family situation. This would become a reality in 2018 and it has caused us much pain and suffering as well as truly as putting children in harm’s way. Today the government announced that 54% of Guatemalans live in poverty. 22% live in extreme poverty.