#608 Our story

Allen & Kim arrived from W. Va. and the Virginia team went on an outreach to a village.

Yesterday the women on the team were able to darn some of the baby dorm clothes.

12/10/2003. One of our social workers took a new girl to the forensics clinic in the city and when she went to the bathroom she escaped out a window. It took a few days for the police to locate her. Eddy took Adrianna, Tomasa and Brian to court and the judge wants to send them home to an abusive father and a mother who has not visited the children in 4 years. Even in 2020 I still have not understood the decisions by many judges.

Estella arrived from Tennessee. Today we received a $4000 gift to build a new church. Dottie and the visitors wrapped 1200 gifts today.

12/11. Melvin & Mark left this morning. Michelle had a rough day with tremendous headaches and vomiting. I decided that we would ask David and Allison to be house parents. They would take a boy’s dorm. Alex and Sarah moved to Estrellitas with the 6-8 year old girls. Gledia will take the teenage girls.

12/12. Today I paid the electric bill and it was $8,000. In time it would reach $13,000 but in 2020 it runs about $5,000 monthly. We received a visit from a New Jersey man who wants to help us with our water system. Amalfie was one of the most abused children in the 31 years of Casa. She got saved, healed and received an education. Then she married a wonderful Christian and has 2 children. 

They came today with a huge truck filled with 100 pound bags of food.  I told her, “Amalfie, that must have cost you 3 months salary.” Her reply was, “I just want to give to the children what God has given to me.” Her story was bone chilling but what God has done is tremendous.