#607 our story

One of our children adopted years ago is Alex & he lives in Ruston, La. He is a senior in high school & wants to come stay with us a month & study Spanish. That will be a blessing for us.

Dottie had a women’s breakfast & she taught. There were 43 in attendance (all staff). I spoke to the visitors tonight. 

Alex is a senior in Ruston, La. and will be coming to study Spanish this summer.God has blessed so monay of the more than 50 children adopted to the USA.

12/7/2003. Dottie came to the hospital and things became normal quickly. Michelle was more than ready to have me leave and Dottie stay. Melvin ministered to the staff and visitors. Sheryl came to the hospital so Dottie and could go to lunch. Michelle is always happy to see Sheryl. 

12/8. Michelle changed her mind and wanted me to stay with her at night so today Melvin and Dottie came so Dottie could stay with Michelle. Melvin, whom I have always called my pastor, and I went to the bank. We spent the day visiting churches then we returned home see if we could call someone about the LSU/Georgia championship game. About 6pm they released Michelle so I will have a good night’s sleep. Sleeping in a chair in a hospital is the pits.

12/9. Michelle is doing well and is so happy to be around the puppies. Dottie bought two Doberman puppies. I know that Michelle did so well with her surgery because of the many friends back in the states who prayed for her. Once Michelle settled in Dottie and I went to the city to wrap Christmas gifts.