#606 Our sory

This Sunday, February 2, if you were a child who lived at Casa in the past & want to be in our Christmas photo please come at 8:45am & immediately after the church service we will take your picture. Put it on social media please. If you cannot come then we will take the photo on Tuesday, February 4th, at 9:30am.

I continued to make radio shows.

The health department came and spoke to the children and house parents about tuberculosis. Evidently there is a reason by the government to inform folks about TB.

Lou arrived today from Virginia with 10 on his team.

We ran into Andrew who worked here years ago and not only is married but has 9 children.

12/4/2003. We have been blessed because of the containers we receive from the states. So much is donated that we can share with other ministries as well as with government homes, Today we took Christmas gifts to an inner city home for boys operated by the government which means they receive very little support. JW another board member arrived with some friends from Georgia. 

We took them to help wrap gifts and then to Peronia and Mesquital two of the poorest areas in Guatemala. We distributed beans and rice. We were able to then have a worship service and I preached in the evening. 

12/5. Carlos took JW and the visitors to visit two of the churches we built and talk to the pastors about the possibility of build schools in those communities. Our neurologist called saying he was worrying about Michelle so could we bring her to his office immediately. She is not doing well with the hydrocephalus and epilepsy.

He ran a number of tests.

12/6. They decided to have surgery on Michelle because there was another cyst. She did not want anyone but me. She and Dottie are so close but she wanted me in the surgical united so I walked with her and stayed until she was under sedation. The surgery went well but Michelle me and not Dottie to spend the night with her. In her 24 year of life (this is 2020) that would be the only time this would happen.