#605 Our story

Today was visiting day so I spent the morning making 60 five minute radio shows for KAJN.

Today also was the first service for the latest church that we along with your help have built.

One of our teen girls had successful eye surgery.

Cindy 2 who is at home is having surgery today.

I asked Jim to minister for me tonight as I do not feel good.

12/1/2003. A young boy told the judge that the teachers always changed his test grades so he would fail. Of course it is not true but Carlos had to meet with the judge and explain. In the 31 years I have been in Guatemala this sort of foolish happens much too often.

12/2. Teddy T. from Grand Bay, Al. Friendship Baptist brought a team of 48 from Michigan to meet Dottie and I and have me give my testimony. I probably spoke too long but following the testimony they went to the baby dorm and had a blast. I took 10 teens to the Christmas storage in the city. We went in the flat bed and were able to carry 50 boxes of Christmas gifts that Dottie and I had wrapped. There are so many kids that Dottie and I actually brought a mattress to the storage unit and spent nights wrapping until midnight.

12/3. Pastor Teddy asked me to go to his complex in Chimaltenango/Tejar and bgive a devotional to his team from Michigan. They were from Holland, Michigan and in the future we ministered in their church in the coldest weather I ever experienced. The snow was 5 feet high around the buildings. 

From Teddy’s we went to Paanimique a mountain village where Bernie and Trish have a ministry. It is so neat. They provide an elementary school for the children in the village and while the kids are studying they teach the mothers how to sew and make crafts that are sold to the USA and the money goes to the mothers. Two of my board members Mark and Melvin arrived at noon. In the evening two computer wizards arrived to help us with a web site. We had a birthday party in the evening so today was very action filled.