#604 our story

I brought the older boys over to the girl’s side for the morning.

I made radio shows in the afternoon.

Mike F. left today after a full week of working with our administrative team.

Adela lives in our house and helps Dottie and Michelle

11/27-28/2003. Tonight was graduation for Veronica and Oseas so Dottie allowed her mother to sit with me in the parent’s session and she placed the ring on the finger Veronica. Dottie is humble enough and gracious enough to all their mothers to walk with their children in graduation. I think I love Dottie more each day.

Oseas is Bubba’s brother. Their mother had 6 children and gave them away. Fourteen years ago she gave us Bubba and later Oseas arrived. When Oseas was in the university he studied law and the students had to actually perform a project as part of their education. He chose to change his last name to Clark. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do that and he did.

11/29. Manolo was robbed at gun point on his way to his sister, Veronica’s graduation. They stole his graduation ring that he had worn for less then two weeks. Brennen and Mariajose were married today. They returned to Casa and brought ice cream and cake for all of the children. She is an architect and he is a contractor and they would build a tremendous ministry building schools, home, etc. for people all over Guatemala. In 2019 his crew was able to repair the second floor that had fallen into the room below in one of our dorms.

11/30. The MRI on Michelle showed that she has pressure on her brain due to a large cyst in her head. Although at this time when they removed the cyst they were certain the seizures would stop. But today in 2020 her seizures are more frequent as well as more severe.