#603 our story

Our hearts were broken today as the 5 year old triplets & their brother & sister were sent back to the parents. The judge took 20 minutes to make his decision & the mother cried because she is scared for the children. This is why we need your prayers for the courts to make correct decisions.

The praise was great & Pastor Hugo had an important sermon for the children. 

Victor Hugo who is the pastor of the church on our property for the community.

11/25/2003.  A little girl Fatima age 7 arrived. Jaquelin had a wisdom tooth removed today. She is not happy because here he will assist in autopsies at the national hospital. He is so smart and I had such great plans for him but he chose to quit medical studies and go to the USA.  Today down our back road a young man on drugs shot a one year old. Men in the neighborhood found him and burned him to death.

11/26. Today we took Michelle to a neurologist who diagnosed her with epilepsy. An EEG indicates that she has epilepsy. This is the little girl Dottie wanted to adopt because she was special. We did adopt her and today she is 24 years old.(2020)

A judge told us he was sending Alex and Magnolia home although the father is an alcoholic and the family has not visited the children in the 4 years they have been here. 

11/27. Thanksgiving Day! I took Michelle for an MRI and while I was there at the hospital Dottie called to tell me that one of our Guatemalan workers took my truck without permission and crashed it. The driver of the other vehicle broke both her legs and totaled her car. So I fired him when I returned home. He even had one of our younger children with him. The law states that I am responsible and must pay the hospital bills of the lady as well as to buy her a vehicle.