#602 our story

Mike F. extended his visit a he is working with the Casa team on the new web site & our new accounting system which will keep me from having to do the finances. Cristine & McKenna took Michelle & Adela out for two movies, two meals & a special girls day. Pray for my health!!!! Cambria who was adopted from Casa by the David Osborns is now attending Cal Baptist Un.

Cambria was adopted from Casa and is now studying nuesing at Cal Baptist university.

11/22/2003. Esvin & Norma graduated tonight and it was the most inspiring graduation that I have ever seen. The administration gave such honor to those seniors. We are so blessed that there is an optometrist in Alabama who wants to help Arnulfo’s sister with her vision difficulties. In 2020 the sister is still with us here at Casa and has enough vision to study, etc.

11/23. The police brought a young boy who I will not name. His life would take a bad turn in 10 years or so and he would go to prison. It is so heart breaking to lose any child that God sends to us. When he arrived his body was covered with burns and scars. He told us that he had been beaten with wire. We also received a girl named Lendy who was very abused. She told us, “Nobody wants me”. 

11/24. Angelina was selected from her college class to work for a local business over the holidays. That means that she, Esvin, Manolo and Luis Antonio have jobs for 2 months so they are excited about earning their own spending money. Robin is pregnant so John is on cloud nine. They are house parents. Steve has been taking the older boys everyday to work on a building the government wants to use as a home for children.