#601 our story

We have a team of 14 expert carpenters, electricians, etc. to reroof the clinic. The next building needing a roof is the dialysis house. These are both single story buildings. Then we have to look at reroofing my house and Eesperanza that are both 2 floors high & is more difficult as well as dangerous.

We received 3 large boxes of music instruments from Jeremy.

Comerial washers and dryers

11/20/2003.  We returned home about 4pm to discover that Celia had broken her leg while we were gone. There was ligament damage also. I got to work immediately on the finances as December 1stwe have to pay the extra salaries as mandated by law. 

11/21. Today I enrolled Melvin in the military academy. He is a very smart kid. He will be living in the barracks. We will miss him and especially because he is one of only two of our boys who can drive. Also I enrolled Flor de Maria and Estephany in their new school. Carlos had gone earlier to enroll Flor but armed men entered the school and robbed it as well as the tuition money from all the parents waiting to enroll their children. 

When you consider that all of the parents had inscription, books, uniforms as well as the first month’s tuition they walked off with a lot of cash. The majority of those parents probably have no reserves to repay everything. 

Tonight was graduation for Gladys. You may remember her as the young girl who was 12 when she came to Casa and was one of the most abused children we ever received.  Phil and Berta would sponsor her and only Farrell & Ina have sponsors longer. Today Gladys is my assistant. She studied in a seminary and preaches and teaches all of our teenagers (2020). She also does the Christmas gifts and banquet for all of the children. 

Today is Estella’s birthday so we called her in Tennessee.