#600 our story

I was supposed to visit Dr. Lou’s new dialysis facilities with Aroldo but felt so bad last night I cancelled then woke up feeling better but it takes nearly 2 hours in the morning traffic to get to Roosevelt hospital.

Aroldo actually teaches a class on dialysis with Dr. Lou & Kevin works for Dr. Lou’s clinic as a technician. Josue’ & I went & paid the taxes on our property.

If you are from Casa & want to be in our Christmas photo we will be giving you the date. It is our 30th year photo.

A government agency came to play soccer with the kids. They interviewed the children about their lives & one teenage girl told them, “I was able to forgive my father because of hearing the Word of God

Swinging in the mud puddle

11/17-19/2003 continued. We drove to La Garucha to visit a church we built and the home we built for the pastor and his 8 children. They had been living in a 10 by 12 foot shed and slept outside when the weather permitted. Our trip continued to Comolapa and then to Hacienda Viejo where a miracle was in store.

Josue’s father had visited that village a year earlier where he led a man to the Lord. The man asked Jose’ if I could build a church there. When I spoke with Jose’ I told him buying a piece of property and building a church for one man was not a wise way to use God’s money. He begged me to please do it. I waited 3 months and then felt it was the thing to do. 

So we bought the property, built a house for the man and a church that would seat 200 people. Tonight I dedicated the church and over 300 people were in attendance who had been led to Jesus by that one man. It was one of the most humbling days of my life and what a testimony to the Lord.

We finished our three day trip by going to the villages of Las Truchas, Las Vigas, Joyabaj and Chiquech. There are about 40 to 50 Christians in each of the four villages. I want you to know that for $6000(in 2020) we can build a church. The villagers provide labor as well as getting the sand and gravel from nearby rivers.